By now you’ve learned all about how VoIP can save you time, money and effort in regards to business communication. But, what else can you do with VoIP? Although, here is a list of some great things that voice over IP can do:

Call Forwarding: You can’t be in two places at once – or can you? Voice over IP solutions offer a unique call forwarding system that all callers to call your main number and be forwarded to any location you happen to be at. No one needs to know that you are actually at home, with your feet up.

Call Recording: All voice over IP systems offer administrative tools to monitor and record calls. This is a great tool for businesses that regularly interview important people over the phone, or those that require recordings for legal and compliance issues.

Voice Mail to Email: Who hasn’t wished they could go through their voicemails without having to listen to them one-by-one? Most reliable VoIP providers (like Nextiva) are able to send voicemails to emails as attachments. This allows for review of the caller’s number, name and an audio fill containing the message.

Find Me/Follow Me: More commonly known as Hunt Groups, this feature allows calls to be routed to employees that are actively accepting incoming phone calls. A sure way to ensure that no business call is ever missed. The system goes through a list of preset numbers and extensions, and if no one is available routes the caller to voicemail.

Video Web Conferencing: Why drive to the next town, to spend an hour sitting in a board room and then turn around and drive home again? Voice over IP works with most web conferencing tools, making it possible for businesses to unite people from across the globe with the click of a button.

Automated Attendant: Secretary call in sick this morning? No problem. Your personalized, professional sounding Auto-attendant is always ready, always happy and always willing to professionally greet callers and direct them to the departments they need to speak with.

Remote Access: Did you call in sick this morning? No worries. Email and voice messaging can be accessed, instantly, from any location. Simply log onto the companies VPN and access office communications as usual.