As a small business owner you may be asking yourself, “Do I need a toll-free number?” The short answer is yes.  The implementation of a toll-free number will not only help your small business grow, but it will also help to add more money to your bottom line.

Pick a number relative to your business and remember to add extensions. When used correctly a virtual toll-free number can act as a switchboard, allowing callers to be routed to any department or person they wish to connect with.

Prospective consumers are more likely to contact your business to ask questions or make a purchase if there is no cost to them.  By implementing a toll-free number you are giving your business the illusion of a big-time feel.  Consumers are more likely to deal with a business that they feel has been established or is recognized as multi-national – resulting in more sales for you.

Having a toll-free number allows your business to reach more consumers than you normally would have been able to, since consumers from across the nation can now contact you with no charge. As your enterprise grows there is no need to change your toll-free number should you need to relocate. Toll-free numbers are 100% portable and a wise tool for those businesses seeking to be easily recognized.

The costs associated with a toll-free business number are minuscule in comparison to the benefits. When used as an add-on feature to a VoIP phone system, the telephony host will simply redirect the phone calls to your preferred hard phone or soft phone.  Businesses on the go can even have callers redirected to their mobile phone.

Every business, regardless of size, benefits from toll-free numbers. Toll-free numbers are cost efficient and have been proven to increase customer satisfaction. The value of your business will greatly increase with the inclusion of a toll-free telephone number.