It is a very simple equation. If you have a bad day at work, you go home and kick the proverbial cat, right? Unfortunately, it works the same way in business. Employees will treat your customers exactly the way you work with them. If your employees are well cared for, they will focus on being good to your customers. The small business owner sets the example for their entire company.

ExamineAccording to Shep Hyken, customer service author, every small business should start building a customer service culture not by focusing on customers, but rather their employees. He says that great companies “hire the right people to fit into the culture. They train them both technically and on how to deliver their brand of helpful customer service. The management and employees treat each other with dignity and respect, and in turn, they treat their customers in a similar fashion.”  

Values taught to employees are the same ones they will practice with customers when offering “amazing service". They include:

  1. Compensation. Unfortunately, it starts with money. If the company financially compensates the employees fairly, they will be able to focus on their job with the customer. They will treat them right when it comes to providing the appropriate level of service. Valued employees will feel they can spend that extra time with customers and always have a better attitude at work.
  2. Respect. Small business owners need to value their employees’ skills and time. This includes being flexible with boundaries between work and personal activities. As a result, employees will treat customers with empathy and care for their concerns. They will be less inclined to interrupt a customer and leave at 5:00 PM or at the end of their work day.
  3. Honesty. Employees will be honest in their dealing with customers if the small business owner is. Whatever example the CEO sets will be directly mirrored by employees. An honest executive says by their actions that nothing else will be tolerated at their company.
  4. Training. The company needs to take sufficient time to teach the employees the specific skills they need to perform their job so they can be comfortable helping customers. Too many times, small business owners just show the new employee their desk and tell them to get started. There is nothing worse than an employee who is does not feel competent. Employee confidence is a huge part of offering amazing customer service.

Treating employees well will build a culture of pride that they will want to show off to your customers. How can you get started?


Barry Moltz gets small businesses unstuck. He is a small business motivational speaker, writer, and radio host. Barry can be found at