Completely replacing an entire corporate phone system may seem like an intimidating, and even far-reaching, task to even the most technically sound professional. And, it rightfully should – the decision to exchange a fully functioning, and complex, communications platform is not one that can be made without much thought and deliberation. Migrating to a hosted VoIP phone system, however, does not have to be a stressful process.

Most businesses go into a voice over IP migration plan ultimately as a way to alleviate regular business expenses. IP telephony can sanction much more than cost savings. By understanding the details of what they wish to accomplish when deploying a voice over IP platform businesses are unwittingly taking the initial step in ensuring a smooth transition, since VoIP providers are able to adjust the system requirements based on the needs and desires of the business.

The completeness of IP telephony is only as good as the network it is deployed on. Without first performing a complete and thorough network assessment, there is no way to make certain that the company network is stable enough to handle the additional load of a voice over IP system. Many companies find out too late that they need to upgrade, or completely replace, their existing network infrastructure. A costly mistake that could have been avoided simply by executing a pre-installation network analysis.

Various research has stated that only 18% of all organizations are successful in completing a project correctly the first time. Voice over IP migration is essentially a major project and the rules of project management apply. Regardless of the size of the VoIP system , it is sure to fail without a project plan. The plan should include variances for time, steps, check-lists and even a back-up plan.

The final step to a successful, and hassle free, telephony migration is to accept the terms that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’. Keep business expectation on a realistic level, what may have worked quickly for one organization is not necessarily the optimal result for all businesses. Know why your business is switching and what they wish to achieve. Work within those expectations – not against them.