The argument for IP telephony is not a difficult one. Business VoIP certainly has the advantage over conventional telephony service – especially for the small business owner. Most small businesses owners are familiar with paying large sums of money for telephone service; the truth of the matter is that in most cases they are more familiar with expensive pricing structures than their larger competitors. VoIP technology allows the small business owner to mitigate high costs by providing them with an affordable communications platform, with unlimited potential.
Low cost communications is by far the most recognized advantage of IP telephony; most small businesses deploy a high-speed Broadband Internet connection, VoIP allows them the ability to bolster their existing Internet connection as a medium on which to carry out substantially low cost global communications.
Initiating VoIP service with a reputable hosted provider, like Nextiva, provides small businesses with unlimited calling for a single monthly flat rate. By choosing an unlimited calling plan, businesses no longer need to monitor calling metrics to ensure that they do not exceed their long distance minute allotment and incur substantial usage charges as a result.
Outside of the obvious cost effectiveness of IP telephony, all VoIP services maintain complete portability, giving business employees the freedom to initiate voice communications from any location in the world simply by plugging a VoIP phone into an active broadband Internet connection. Extreme portability allows employees instant access to all of the business enhancing features of a VoIP system such as; voicemail, email, call routing and even an automated attendant. This means that any location that the employee happens to be travelling to or working from can essentially be viewed as a fully functioning virtual office.
Other considerable advantages that IP telephony holds over conventional phone service include the ability to merge existing networks and capitalize on the unique features and subsets that only a VoIP solution can offer. These features include; call forwarding, call waiting, enhanced voicemail, three way calling, auto dialing, toll-free extension and video VoIP conferencing.