We are pleased to announce that we have added the comprehensive, feature-rich SPA112 phone adapter from Cisco to our line of VoIP phone products.  The SPA112 is the first adapter to be introduced to our phone technology offerings, which primarily consists of desk and wireless phones from Polycom, Cisco and Panasonic.

The Cisco SPA112 is a two-port adapter that works through a broadband Internet connection to enable high-quality VoIP service through analog phones.  We were drawn to the SPA112 by its ease-of-use and compact design – two features that we love being able to offer to our Nextiva customers!  Each of the adapter’s two phone lines can be configured separately and it is compatible with all industry-common telephone features.

Some of our favorite features that the Cisco SPA112 offers are:

  • Outstanding voice quality – All of your calls will be delivered in clear, high-quality communication conditions
  • Large-scale management – You will be able to provide customized service and dynamic upgrades to a large group of subscribers
  • Excellent security – All communication and servicing is supported by a complex encryption method
  • Compact size – Squeeze the adapter into a tight desk space or easily mount it on a wall
  • Easy installation – The quick set-up is made even simpler by Nextiva’s Amazing Service™ team
  • Reputable provider – Backed by Cisco, you will have peace of mind that the adapters have been rigorously tested to ensure consistent performance

Try the Cisco SPA112 adapter with your Nextiva business VoIP service!