Expensive. Unreliable. Waste of paper. Low ink. The list goes on. Traditional faxing is most certainly the bane of many people’s existence. The bulky machine. That awful dialing tone. The random printing. Isn’t there a way around this?
Yes, there is – with online faxing. Online faxing allows an individual or business to send and receive faxes all online without the hassle of a fax machine. Documents are sent and received in an electronic format, but can also be sent and received via fax machine or any combination of the two. Individuals can choose whether to print, delete or save any of the faxes. In addition, it is helpful to use online faxing to save copies of identification cards, passports, licenses, and contracts and to back up these documents. In addition, one does not have to make a copy of the document to then fax it over. They can all be simply saved on the hard drive of the computer for future use. Furthermore, it is much easier to organize and save documents on a computer, rather than allowing the paper to pile on the desk.
Not to mention that online faxing allows one to send and receive multiple faxes simultaneously, streamlining communication. Plus, It makes information more mobile and business and personal communication easier and more reliable than traditional faxing. Individuals know that their documents are safely and privately send and received.