The benefits of business VoIP are tremendous, for companies ranging from one employee to companies that have over 20 employees. What exactly is business VoIP and what are all these benefits? Business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) maximizes on high-speed internet to improve business communication and increase productivity. With a provider such as Nextiva, it allows for an affordable way to brand a company as well as streamline communication with clients and partners.

Business VoIP has a range of features that can be customized by a company for their specific needs. First and foremost, business VoIP completes communication sessions, including voice, text and multimedia, over the internet, which allows for a faster, smoother and uninterrupted session. Firstly, the company is assigned a toll-free number or a local number, depending on what the needs are. There are options for an automatic attendant to greet customers as they call in and appropriately route calls to the correct person or correct line (business, mobile, or home.) In addition, greetings can be customized and flexible for regular hours, after hours and even holidays. All voicemails are sent to an email inbox to be easily sorted and there is also the option of online faxing, which proves to be more dependable and faster than traditional faxing. Other features include on-hold music and number portability. The web portal interface helps to manage all these features.

These features allow for a polished and professional presentation, regardless of the size or budget of a business or enterprise. For business who are looking to expand or would like their communication to be better managed, business VoIP is a great way to start.