Small business owners should be excited by the idea of implementing a small business VoIP solution into their telecommunications strategic plan. Doing so will enable them to realize a wide array of advantageous benefits. While the single most appreciated benefits is definitely extreme cost savings, another well respected benefit comes from the ability to connect employees, clients and offices through a single phone number.

Unlike conventional PBXs, a hosted business VoIP phone system is not only flexible but effortlessly scalable as well. Many extensions can be added and maintained from the already existing corporate system. This function allows smaller businesses to expand while eliminating the need to invest in additional equipment or extensions. Small businesses praise virtual extensions for their ability to create a local presence even if the business is located outside of that local vicinity.

Another positive feature of a hosted VoIP system is the advanced call management features available with the use of an automated attendant. An automated attendant serves as a virtual receptionist available around the clock to answer and greet callers, provide necessary business information and even route calls to any mailbox, group, person or conference room available.

Small businesses enjoy the increased flexibility and productivity boosting capabilities of a hosted VoIP system as this allows their employees to maintain business contact and client communications from any phone or computer so long as internet connectivity is maintained. Calls that go unanswered, although rare, are effectively managed by the enhanced voicemail capabilities of the system. Some of these capabilities include voice mail to email, fax to email and even voicemail to text.

Through the use of a VoIP PBX small business users are able to enjoy the same expensive and revolutionary features as their major competitors, without the need to maintain expensive infrastructure or on-site systems.