By now the benefits small businesses receive through the use of a hosted business VoIP phone system are no secret. Small business owners may, however, be unaware of the easy to manage web configuration and user interfaces of their existing VoIP systems. Most reputable small business oriented VoIP systems provide many revolutionary enterprise grade tools and features that can be accessed and operated over a single network. These features provide many of the same functionalities of an on-site conventional PBX, but are available for a much more manageable rate.

Since hosted VoIP services are available through virtualized avenues they can easily be integrated with many advantageous web-based interfaces. The primary user interface of a hosted VoIP PBX can easily be tailored to meet the needs of any small business. This ease of use enables system administrators to easily add or remove virtual extensions and make many configuration adjustments; a particular benefit to businesses as they start to grow and expand. With the utilization of virtual extensions it is highly plausible for upwards of 100 additional extensions to be maintained and monitored from the already existing main connection. This value added service will greatly reduce operational costs while eliminating the need for additional infrastructure.

Business administrators, management and employees will be given the advantage of being able to manage and prioritize calls, view important CRM information such as detailed billing and call history and even view or delete voicemails and faxes.
Hosted VoIP PBXs have noteworthy effects on client / employee interaction and satisfaction rates even outside of normal business hours. Through the utilization of hosted VoIP employees working away from the office can maintain contact with clients through the use of any active broadband Internet connection. The biggest advantage of remote access is the reduce requirements for maintaining costly equipment and highly complex networks.

An easily customizable web-based interface available on most hosted VoIP PBX systems gives smaller organizations the freedom to easily manage their business communications practices. Incoming calls to the main business line can be automatically routed to any number or office location and then routed to voicemail if no one is available to tend to the call.

The ground-breaking functionalities of a hosted VoIP PBX and the inclusion of advanced and easy-to-use web-interfaces will enable smaller enterprises to realize the benefit of business enhancing features while greatly reducing their on-going telecommunications expenses.