VoIP technology facilitates the use of a computer for voice communications in the same manner that one would utilize a telephone. However, instead of voice communications being transmitted through an analog telephone network business VoIP service works by converting analog voice signals into encrypted packets of data that is then transmitted through a computer or a digital network.

Many factors contribute to the wide spread success and popularity of VoIP. Not only is the technology far less expensive to deploy and maintain, but using the technology can also result in a significant reduction in the need for communications infrastructure and more often than not greatly improves the quality of business-consumer communications.

When deployed correctly many great benefits can be attributed to the continued use of a VoIP telecommunications system. Some of these benefits include:

1. Decreased Costs: Since most businesses already maintain access to high quality and cost efficient broadband Internet connectivity, using VoIP will bring many great cost savings advantages. A corporate VoIP platform harnesses the same network as the broadband Internet connection, therefore eliminating the need to purchase an alternate or additional communications network. IP Phones are integrated straight through to existing Ethernet port, making the only definitive requirement for VoIP an IP compatible telephone.

2. The ability to leverage existing infrastructure: Should a business make the decision to utilize VoIP technology, there is no need to maintain a conventional telephone network since all communications are possible through a converged data network.

3. Significant improvement in communications: Advances in VoIP technology have ensured that communications are high in quality and just as clear as conventional telephony. In some cases, the quality has been proven to surpass traditional analog service.

Since the technology is almost entirely digital it is much easier to switch between verbal and written communications. While operating over a VoIP platform employees may retrieve voicemail messages from the email inboxes or receive voicemail notification when a new fax arrives.

Other benefits of business VoIP service include: enhanced voicemail, intelligent call routing, hold music and phone number portability, automated attendants, Find Me – Follow Me and much more.