If you were to tell a small business owner 30 years ago that they would one day use their Internet connection to make and receive extremely low cost international business calling, they would look at you in disbelief. Thanks to the increased flexibility and affordability of broadband Internet service, this low cost calling option is now a complete and necessary reality. This is the power of VoIP.

A complex technology known as the Internet Protocol is the root of data transfer. There is no denying the widespread acceptance of VoIP usage in the International business market. Thanks to hosted VoIP telecommunications smaller businesses now maintain many diversified applications to carry out their communications processes.

Business VoIP has essentially made the world a smaller and more connected place, allowing smaller businesses to expand their market reach by considering any geographical location to be in their local calling area. A considerable advantage to those businesses already doing a great deal of global business as they can remain more connected with the client base and international office than ever.

Previously, smaller businesses would shy away from doing business outside of their local calling network as this would require a larger amount of capital to cover things such as long distance calling and even business trips for employees required to provide a local presence to international consumers. Thanks to VoIP, the same businesses that once feared long distance business can now embrace it by harnessing their affordable broadband Internet connection as a medium to house their new digital calling platform.

Should the business decide it would be beneficial to send an employee overseas or on a lengthy business trip to meet with their new long distance market representatives, their VoIP system will allow them to hit the ground running. The entire corporate VoIP system is accessible from any location that maintains a valid Internet connection, meaning that business calls can be routed instantly to the employees mobile phone and messages and faxes retrieved with ease.

The many attractive benefits and features associated with VoIP use in small businesses, such as call routing, automated attendants and enhanced voicemail are available at no additional cost.