Any knowledgeable marketing professional would agree that advertising must keep pace with technology; particularly in a world full of online profiles, Twitter accounts, text messaging and constant email buzz. It is nearly impossible to name anyone under the age of 60 who doesn’t subscribe to at least one form of Social Media Networking. The same goes for businesses, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, My Space or Linked In – at least one employee from any business in the world is likely to be found on line.

It just make sense for voice over IP to enter the social media world. Businesses use social media sites to network, connect with potential consumers and provide updated advertisements for their services all the time. More recently, businesses are also turning to Social Media Sites for recruitment purposes. And why shouldn’t they? The majority of resent college or university graduates, the under 30 crowd, have a Facebook profile.

In a world driven by Facebook applications, it is now possible to subscribe to various voice over IP enabled social media applications that allow potential clients or recruits to contact your business via a VoIP calling link conveniently located on your businesses social media profile.

This is an excellent tool for small business operating on an IP telephony platform. Not only does it offer substantial networking capabilities, but it can also provide a significant marketing advantage. It is as good as two phenomenal technologies amalgamated into one super-platform.

Facebook announced last year that they have more than 300 million users, by integrating voice over IP into a business Facebook profile, that is like business providing their company card to 300 million potential consumers. Without paying a dime!

Yet another reason why voice over IP implementation should be on the minds of all businesses – regardless of their size.