VoIP has many great benefits for all types of business. Whether you are a one-persion operation or multi-national corporation, VoIP service is cost effective and the best form of telephony for the wallet. VoIP is a powerful technology that delivers many great services and features. We’ve compiled a list of six things that VoIP can do that may not be known by all.

Call Forwarding: Business professionals cannot be everywhere at once, thankfully with a hosted VoIP solution users can have calls routed to wherever they happen to be. Nextiva offers an advanced call forwarding system for those time where the business phone is unreachable, the power is out, or the location is inaccessible. Call forwarding routes calls to any VoIP enabled phone so that no important calls are ever missed.

Voice Mail to E-Mail: Nextiva offers clients the freedom to review and catalogue voice mails without ever having to listen to them. By linking voicemail to an e-mail address it is possible to receive an e-mail with the callers number, name and an audio file attachment so that voicemails can be reviewed in order of priority and then archived affectively.

Enhanced Voice Mail: Enhanced voicemail allows subscribers to set up different voicemail messages depending on the caller so that business and personal calls hear a different message. Voicemail can easily be accessed remotely so that business can continue as usual while on the road.

Customer Service: Providing high quality customer service can be a costly task for many small businesses, when deploying a small business VoIP solution from Nextiva communication costs are greatly reduced and customer contact can be achieved with the push of a button. Nextiva provides essential tools allowing consumers to know when a business associate is available to take calls or when they are away from the computer.

Mobile Phone VoIP: Nextiva fully supports WiFi enable voice over IP allowing businesses to utilize the complete portability of mobile VoIP phones, meaning that any phone can essentially be used as a desk phone. Using VoIP based mobile phones eliminates costly per-minute cell phone charges and is available on an unlimited calling structure. This means that you can nearly get rid of paying your wireless phone service provider tons of money each month on your phone bill. Instead, maintain a basic calling plan with limited minutes for backup use along with an unlimited data plan for your smart phone.

Click to Call: While using a PC based address book, users are given the ability to dial a contact without actually dialing at all. Simply click on a phone number in the address book, on the web, or in an email and instantly dial that number.