First and foremost, SIP trunking can improve upon your existing communication. It layers multiple applications and connects different devices seamlessly. Using one “number,” all messages can be routed to the preferred device – your personal computer, home phone, mobile, etc. Calls can be routed, recorded, and prioritized. In addition, voice calls and messages can be translated into text automatically, and so can the reverse. SIP trunking integrates communication so that you and your business can receive simultaneous messages without blinking an eye. It allows for seamless and smooth communication. This is perfect for large or small businesses, especially ones that offer a customer service center.

SIP trunking can also reduce costs by granting free calls between sites, free DDI rental, and in some cases, even eliminating ISDN line rental charges. SIP trunking can do this because it links the communication system to a public telephone network with the same connection as your data services.

SIP trunking is changing the way enterprises communication internally and between each other. It enhances productivity, enhances communication, and integrates all types of communication, including voice, video chatting, instant messaging, voice calls, texting and email. It can even reduce the business’ carbon footprint and help the environment.