Utilizing a hosted PBX option may be the best way to reduce business overhead while simultaneously streamlining communication. Generally, phone systems are expensive to maintain and can be inefficient and a drain on resources. However, with a hosted PBX system, customers can get all the benefits of a PBX system without any of the hassle. In addition, the cost of a hosted PBX system has decreased as it has become more popular.

A hosted PBX system require the same amount of equipment as a standard PBX system. The difference is that customers do not need to worry about purchasing, installing or maintaining the equipment. This can save businesses tens of thousands of dollars. The host will set up the system with existing hardware of the company and link it to their own equipment.

What are the benefits of a business VoIP service? Generally, a range of functions can be introduced to streamline communication, making it more efficient and keeping employees, clients and partners happy. VoIP PBX can allow for the following functions: auto attendant, auto dialing, automatic call distributor, autodialing, call accounting, call blocking/forwarding/pick-up/transfer/waiting, conference calls, music on hold, interactive voice response, and a range of other features. In addition, hosted PBX can allow for the added features of allowing a single number to be used for the entire company, allows multimodal access, reduces need for on-site hardware maintenance and allows flexibility in scale.

Users can tweak the system and add their own preferences with their own online control panels. This allows for easy telecommuting, conference calling, customer follow-up as well as easy call routing, call forwarding and messaging. In addition, using the traditional phone system can be expensive and inefficient because they can’t handle an influx of calls, but also may not garner as much use as the customer pays for. With VoIP, the internet is the mainstay and can be used for a range of communication, other than traditional phone call. It can handle increase in use from several venues of communication. This reduces a clogged communication system (no busy signals or dropped calls) and is an efficient use of money.

The scalability of VoIP system allows the system to grow with the company. For any business, big or small, a business VoIP service can strengthen both internal and external communication while saving money.