An auto attendant (also known as an auto receptionist) can help convey a professional and established image for all businesses, included startups. Virtual PBX phone systems like Nextiva provide small business owners with an auto attendant that helps create an image that customers are dealing with a reputable business that has experience and isn’t going anywhere. Not only are virtual phone systems affordable, they can also prevent callers from feeling they are being ignored. Since most small businesses can’t afford to have multiple receptionists to answer every phone call that comes in on the first ring, an auto attendant will always answer. Moreover, an auto attendant can help explain what your business does as well as route the call to the appropriate extension or employee.
Since first impressions are so critical, Nextiva records a complimentary voice greeting for it’s business VoIP clients.

Since many small businesses do no have experience with auto attendants and hosted phone systems, we feel that it would be helpful to provide our visitors with a sample auto attendant script.


Thank you for calling BH Uniforms, a leading provider of medical uniforms and scrubs.

If you know the extension of the person you wish to reach, you may dial it at any time.

For sales, please press 1.

If you’ve already placed an order with BH Uniforms, please press 2.

For our hours and locations, please press 3.

For business development and press information, please press 4.

To speak to the next available representative, please press 0.

To repeat this menu, please press *.