Each day, throughout the world, businesses of all sizes are switching to Voice over IP (VoIP) and are saving up to 80% on telecommunications costs by using VoIP and Hosted PBX technologies. Although the benefits of VoIP are so large, there continues to be a high-level of concern on the reliability and quality of VoIP phone service.

Very early on when VoIP technology was a brand-new technology, it was considered unstable and a great risk for businesses to use. The reliability aspect and quality of VoIP service has greatly improved and it’s now a reliable communication solution. Experiencing dropped or choppy calls, which at one point was a popular complaint among VoIP users, no longer exists with many top VoIP providers like Nextiva. VoIP phone service providers have significantly evolved and continue to move towards a standard even more reliable than traditional (POTS) telephone service. Companies like Nextiva have established impressive networks with multiple levels of redundancy and power backup systems in order to keep their networks running in the case of a power outage or disaster.

If your business continues to hesitate on using VoIP phone service due to quality concerns, you should re-consider using VoIP. Hosted PBX phone systems undo the need for an in-house phone technician or IT specialist. All the applications and features included with the phone service are hosted by the service provider. This means that all you need in your office are phones.

Considering the features and cost benefits of VoIP phone service, if you have high-speed Internet service, your business should be using VoIP.