Polycom is a leading manufacturer of VoIP phones. The company was founded in 1990 and made a name for themselves by introducing high quality conferencing speakerphones to the market. In the past 21 years, Polycom has set the standard in voice communications solutions. Since 2001, Polycom has altered the VoIP desktop phone market for businesses primarily with the introduction of it’s SoundPoint IP 500.

Polycom’s VoIP phones support SIP standards and work with Nextiva’s phone service. Taking voice communication to a new level, Polycom developed a video conferencing enabled desk phone for businesses, the VVX 1500. The VVX1500 allows users to communicate via video and/or traditional “voice”. While video adoption rates continue to increase for small businesses, video still has a way to go until it’s a popular form of communication. In the meantime, Polycom continues to raise the bar, an example of this is their next-generation of IP phones (yet to be released). Limited information is available regarding their new line of VoIP phones for businesses, however it is evident that the phones will be similar to the VVX 1500 in that SIP voice as well as video will be supported.

Their new line of VoIP phones have not been released to the market and a date of release has not been disclosed. Since it’s a Polycom phone, you can expect the entire line to be powerful in functionality, clear in call quality, and reliably manufactured. As more information is released on Polycom’s new phones, we will share.