Polycom has announced the release of its latest VoIP phone for business, the VVX 500.

The VVX 500 by Polycom comes with a color touchscreen and keypad interface in order to manage the phone and its applications. While we are all accustom to touchscreen cell phones, business VoIP phones have not adopted this technology until today. The VVX 500 supports 12 line appearances with Polycom’s HD Voice technology, a built-in Internet application, and the phone serves as a digital photo frame.

Since the VVX 500 was announced today, we are still awaiting to receive pricing information. We expect this phone to cost more than the VoIP phones already in the market by Cisco and Polycom, largely due to the impressive technology support this phone. With a sleek design and superior call quality support we look forward to using the Polycom VVX 500 each day.