Mobile VoIP Keeping Doctors and Patients Connected

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America’s healthcare industry has undergone an innovative new way of connecting obstetricians and pregnant women nationwide. Through the use of advanced mobile WiFi VoIP technology doctors are now able to monitor labor and delivery patients in real-time through the use of a SIP phone application.

The AirStrip OB application provides doctors with up-to-the minute, and possibly life saving, information. Obstetricians are able to remotely monitor delivery rooms, fetal heart tracings, contraction patters, vital statistics and nursing notes, in a virtual real-time environment, from any SIP phone with mobile VoIP capabilities.

“Health care is a very real-time business. We need anywhere, anytime computing” Memorial Herman of Houston CIO, David Bradshaw, said of his decision to implement the latest in IP telephony.

It is estimated that health related errors cost the American economy $17 to $29 billion each year. By merging mobile voice over IP technology with SIP applications geared towards medical professionals countless amounts of medical errors will be prevented, resulting in more money for the healthcare system.

More than 98,000 American’s lose their lives every year due to medical errors and inefficient communication between practitioners and patients. Thanks in part to mobile IP telephony doctors are able to monitor and receive instantly updated vital statistics and important information virtually with the click of a button. Knowing in real-time when a patients health is in danger, regardless of the physicians location, will no doubt do amazing things for healthcare and in the prevention of preventable deaths.

Without technology like mobile voice over Internet and WiFi medical advancements like this one would never have been possible. VoIP has brought forth more ground breaking advancements in every business and social industry in the last decade than traditional telecom providers have in nearly half a century. Mobile VoIP platforms are paving the way for a safe and well connected future.


VoIP Is The New Green

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Environmentally conscious businesses seeking to reduce their carbon footprint are turning to VoIP based telephony to optimize their communications platforms. VoIP solutions integrate communications functions; from webcam meetings and conference calls to emails and faxing on one integrated system, freeing up resources by utilizing one single source.

Voice of IP can be considered a ‘Green IT’ solution to economic and ecological impurities such as:

*Paper products – IP fax operates through an Internet connection, eliminating the need for paper and ink refills.

*Carbon and greenhouse emissions – Features such as web conferencing allow businesses to connect with participants, from any geographical location, through a computer thus removing the need for auto and air travel.

*Landfills over populated with non-recyclable materials – IP telephony can be operated on 3 structures, each helping to eliminate quickly out-dated hardware, reducing the amount of non biodegradable materials disposed of.

*Transmission of toxins – Unlike traditional telephony, voice over IP does not require the use of expensive wires, coated in plastic toxins, to be buried into the ground in order to fully function.

*Energy depletion – Operating solely on one output source, VoIP is a convergence of both voice and data, permitting many functions and operations to be carried out at the same time, from many locations.

A recent environmental study found that commuters spend the equivalent of one 40 hour work week per year stuck in traffic, while traveling to or from business meetings. That is 40 hours of greenhouse emissions, per person, per year that can be eliminated simply by implementing an IP telephony system with a web conferencing feature.

Being an eco-friendly solution to communications, VoIP promises positive improvements to business while providing a positive effect on the environment.

Voice over IP is the right choice for businesses seeking to reduce operating costs, overhead and supplies costs, travel costs, and energy costs while still being able to truthfully portray an eco-friendly image to the general public.


Using an ATA Device With Hosted VoIP Service

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Voice over IP telephony is a revolutionary technology changing how businesses communicate. VoIP technology works on the premise of eliminating traditional PTSN phone lines, in exchange for utilizing bandwidth efficiency and the low cost of operations of the Internet – transforming any active Internet connection into a fully functioning super-communications platform.

VoIP telephony works by converting analog audio signals into digital data and then transmitting that data through the Internet. Businesses are able to harness this technology and eliminate nearly 80% of their overall telephony expenses.

Businesses are able to increase customer satisfaction and see an immediate return on investment simply by switching to a voice over IP based communications platform.

When making the decision to implement IP telephony, businesses have three main calling structures to choose from: ATA, IP Phones and Computer-to-Computer.

ATA is the simplest and most widely recognized method of using VoIP technology. ATA, or Analog Telephone Adapter) allows the user to connect a traditional telephone set to a standard computer for use with voice over IP. The specialized adapter works by converting analog signals into digital data ready for transmission over the Internet.

IP phones are similar in appearance to their traditional counterparts, however, instead of using a standardized RJ-11 connector IP phones operate on RJ-45 Ethernet connector. Unlike phones with adapters IP phones connect directly to a router and process voice over IP calls through the use of onboard software.

Computer-to-computer VoIP calling requires the installation of an Internet software in conjunction with the use of a microphone and speakers or a special headset. Computer-to-computer technology is perhaps the easiest form of voice over IP communications, however, there are often concerns circling around call quality.

There are many uses and advantages to VoIP technology. Businesses looking to gain significant fiscal return while taking advantage of the best communications platform on the market would do well to implement a VoIP telephony system.


Internet Fax Solutions

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The days of tied up phone lines and busy signals caused by sending and receiving faxes are numbered. Say good-bye to paper jams. So long to replacement ink cartridges. See ya later to incomplete transmission. Thanks to the latest ground breaking technology in IP telephony, Internet Fax, businesses are able to put their fax machines to rest forever.

With Internet faxing capabilities, users are able to send and receive faxes straight from their computers using an Internet connection. Following the same basic technological foot print as voice over IP technology, Internet fax encrypts data packets and transmits them through the Internet.

Internet fax is an environmentally friendlier option than its traditional counterpart, since it relies on paperless communication. There are many benefits to deploying an Internet fax option for your business: Low cost initial start-up – no extra phone line is required. Improved productivity – with the ability to send and receive multiple faxes at the same time. Substantial cost saving – a reduction in telephony expenses. Complete portability – with the ability to send or receive faxes from any location maintain an existing Internet connection. No fax is ever missed – with email notification of incoming faxes delivered straight to your inbox.

Implementing an Internet based fax solution will dramatically reduce expenses, especially when frequent and long faxes are sent long distances or overseas. Telephony charges are eliminated with sending a fax over the Internet making the total cost of operation nothing more than the charge of a monthly Internet connection.

Users have the option of having faxes and fax notifications delivered straight to their email inboxes, and in some cases even their voicemail.

Internet fax is designed to help businesses save money while improving the way they send and receive information. Speak to your Nextiva representative today to discuss an Internet fax solution to meet you business needs.


Nextiva: Quality Service At A Price Your Budget Will Love

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Nextiva offers the latest business VoIP technology priced for any budget. Small to medium businesses are able to receive the same advanced features as the largest corporate enterprise while slashing hundreds of dollars from their telephony expenses. With more than 25 advanced features to choose from including: remote voicemail, call forwarding, auto-attendant features, password protection and dial by name directories it’s no wonder why Nextiva is America’s top voice over Internet phone systems provider.

Select from 1 to 100 virtual extensions on a rotating day or night schedule and throw in a free programmable auto-attendant to enhance professional imagery. Plans are available on a monthly or annual payment schedule and satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Eliminate hard to get out of contracts and hidden service charges. With Nextiva businesses can add or remove additional lines or services whenever the occasion arises.

Nextiva offers award winning customer service, email and telephone support and a personal client representative.

For the best in phone features, administrative options, and unique cell phone integration technology speak to a Nextiva representative today.

Do not sacrifice quality in exchange for cheap service, instead get quality service at a price you can’t afford to pass up. Key benefits offered include: Toll-free or local calling numbers; Unlimited calling; Auto Attendant; Business Voicemail; Conference Calling and unique and easy to use Administrative Options.

Since the company’s inception, Nextiva has been the recipient of many IP telephony awards.

Choose from two great services, starting at only $8.95 per month and experience the best in hosted PBX, IP telephony and Internet faxing capabilities.

A Nextiva representative is available now to discuss your specific needs and provide a free quote.


Ask Not What You Can Do For VoIP, But What VoIP Can Do For You

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In today’s economic situation throwing handfuls of money at the telephone company just doesn’t make sense. Every business, small and large, will benefit from voice over IP telephony. Each year the traditional telephony companies make billions of dollars providing expensive and often sub par services. Yet many business owners stay with their current provider, even though they aren’t getting the service that they deserve, simply because they think that they do not have options.

With Nextiva VoIP for business, downed phone lines and sub par service are a thing of the past. Nextiva gives you options. Keep your existing telephone number, and the calling features that are essential to your day to day operations. Plus add some new and innovative features designed to make your business better: automated attendants, hunt groups, follow me – find me, fax and voicemail notification via email. Can you regular telephony service offer you that? Highly unlikely.

Studies show that business are able to gain an immediate return on investment while eliminating nearly 80% of their total telephony expenses.

Voice over IP (VoIP) is more than just bells and whistles, it is a sound business investment. A gateway to the future.

A VoIP platform means that employees are no longer restricted to a desk, using innovative WiFi technology any VoIP mobile phone essentially becomes a desk phone. Couple this with the fact that any location with an active Internet connection possess the ability to become a ‘remote office’ the possibilities and potential for success are endless.

IP telephony offers businesses freedom. The freedom to throw out their clunky fax machine, the freedom to finally hang up on their current traditional telephony provider, the freedom of mobility and the freedom to work how they want – when they want.

Bottom line – Business VoIP with Nextiva saves time, saves money and improves a sense of mobility never before seen whith a traditional platform.