It’s no secret that the team at Nextiva is fanatical about delivering great customer support.  We abide by a commitment to our signature Amazing Service™ and love the daily thrill of making customers happy.   We’ve discovered that stellar customer support is just as important to the success of our business as the line of products that we offer.

When looking for new team members, we search for the most motivated, energetic and empathetic individuals that we can find.  During an employee’s first few weeks at Nextiva, they receive extensive training on not only our line of business VoIP products, but on effective listening skills, respect and sincerity towards others.  We strive to offer the most complete and customer-focused user experience for everyone we connect with – both inside and outside of our company.

A key to achieving Amazing Service: happy employees!  The Nextiva office is a casual and upbeat environment, which makes us enjoy coming to work each day.  We have an employee activity lounge with a pool table, video games, ping pong and board games that we are encouraged to use during our down time.  Bicycles are at our disposal to ride around the local neighborhood on our breaks, and we receive free breakfast every day and free lunch on Fridays!  With such fun surroundings, it’s easy to keep our employees positive and motivated.

Watch the video below to hear some Nextiva employees discuss their commitment to Amazing Service™, and let us help you select a business VoIP program that fits your needs by calling us today at 800.983.4289 or filling out a request form here.