It has happened to all of us. You’re expecting an important fax and your fax machine runs out of paper. Or ink. Or both. Or you’ve sent a fax and you’ve waited for the better part of the day for your cryptic confirmation of receipt. Or perhaps you received your fax in a timely enough fashion, only to misplace your one hardcopy. Or maybe you had to send a copy of your passport or driver’s license to someone. So you scanned it. Then you printed it. Then your copied it. Then your faxed it. And then you found out it wasn’t high quality enough and had to do it again.

The old-fashioned way of faxing is gone with the advent of online fax reliability and you can kiss all those issues goodbye. With increasing online fax reliability, customers can be sure that all their faxes are safely sent and received. They can be stored to your hard drive, backed up and will never be lost. Customers can also send faxes online, so those beautifully scanned and stored important documents can be sent in a timely and quality manner.

Online faxing reduces the need for paper and ink. Customers can always be sure their faxes are received. If on the receiving end, customers can be sure that they have high quality copies they can refer to later on their trusty and mobile laptops. Online faxing reliability reduces the stress of modern communication. In essence, it merges two types of necessary modes into the innovative and useful online faxing.