Businesses gain many great advantages by switching to VoIP. VoIP phone systems give businesses increased flexibility, features, cost-savings, and productivity just to name a few. Hosted PBX phone system providers enable businesses to save time and money by supporting the entire phone system off-site.

With VoIP phone systems, businesses no longer need to store a large PBX (or phone system) in a closet on-premise. With VoIP, all you need is an IP phone and only one Internet connected cable. The cable will be able to accommodate both voice and data. Businesses will even save money by running less cables in their office. Not to mention it looks better when there are fewer wires and cables in an office.

With hosted VoIP phone systems, no maintenance is ever needed. All the technical and service related aspects are managed by the service provider. This allows businesses to focus on their own trade and let the phones be handled by the experts.