We may not have the answer to the countless issues the environment is experiencing, however we realize that us (as people) do have an impact on the health of the environment. Nextiva takes environmental protection seriously and understands that businesses can operate in an environmentally friendly manner.
As a communications provider with multiple data centers producing large amounts of CO2 each year, we leverage energy efficient hardware together with a close partnership with Carbonfund.org to offset our carbon footprint.
However, environmental protection does not stop begin and end in our data centers. We take an active role in protecting our environment within the company headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. Here are some of the initiatives going on at our corporate office:

Recycling bins located throughout the office

Limited access to paper, only used if necessary

Use of bio-degradable products

Removal of all paper and plastic cups. Employees drink out of mugs.

Use of environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals

Promotion of bicycle transportation

Nextiva's Corporate Office

Nextiva Office Entrance

The initiatives above are just a few out of many ongoing projects at Nextiva dedicated to improving our planet. If you live in the Scottsdale, Arizona area (or want to) and are looking for a new career, consider joining the Nextiva team.