Last month, Nextiva’s Amazing Service™ team joined together for the first ever “Build-A-Thon,” a weekend event planned to redesign the company’s online support center.

Members of Nextiva’s customer service, marketing and web design teams spent their time collaborating and redesigning the support center in an effort to provide the most user-friendly and easy-to-navigate resource environment possible. Working to tunes by a lively DJ and armed with energy drinks and snacks, these dedicated employees spent 16 straight hours writing and organizing dozens of video tutorials, setup guides for Cisco and Polycom phones, step-by-step instructions on various features, and FAQs. 

This cohesive event structure is new to Nextiva. It proved to be quite successful and will be used for future project integration. Nextiva customers and those interested in learning more about Nextiva’s unified communications can now find more information on Nextiva’s new and improved Support Center.