With the widespread popularity of voice of IP as an innovative way to reduce communication costs with regards to voice communications, many businesses are now harnessing the same low cost functionality of voice over IP to transmit fax messages through IP networks. After several years in the development phase, Internet Faxing is now expanding in corporate use. Why are more businesses abandoning their old fax machines and turning to the virtual medium? Here are a few of vFAX’s many advantages.

Cost Efficiency: vFAX is far less costly than conventional methods. Anything involving a PSTN phone line is expensive, as vFAX utilizes a virtual network to deliver messages it is nearly free to use.
Increased Document Quality: As incoming and outgoing messages are on a digital front, they are viewed with a higher image quality. Unlike traditional faxing, which often left ink blotches and missing words.
Less Need For Fax Machine Hardware: When using vFAX, any computer or mobile phone can essentially be used as a fax machine, meaning that businesses can now do away with expensive to maintain fax machines.

Decreased Materials Expense: Virtual faxes can be sent straight from a computer and then read directly on another. There is no need to print any paper copies unless required to do so. Business owners can save lots of money by no longer needing to stock up on paper as well as ink cartridges for the fax machine.

No More Tied Up Phone Lines: Using vFAX does not require the use of additional fax lines in business environments. Faxes can be sent and received over the same IP telephony network as any other communication.

Minimum Investment Needed: Businesses will benefit from cost efficient faxing capabilities without having to purchase costly hardware, software or other resources.

No More Malfunctions: Nextiva vFAX faxing service eliminates that chance of paper jams, ink spills, or any other error requiring the fax to be re-sent. Since it is a computer-to-computer operation, there is no need to waste expensive resources.