The mention of a team building activity in an office can often invoke groans and eye rolls, as they can be seen as a silly, time-wasting activity. But properly organized team building can be fun and exciting, while increasing the skills, communication and morale of team members. Some of the many benefits of team building activities include:

  • Having the opportunity to complete unique, challenging tasks that are outside the realm of typical duties for a feeling of accomplishment amongst participants.
  • Communication skills will strengthen as people who may not be used to working each other begin working together and learning about each other.
  • Employees that usually delegate the work can focus on getting the tasks done and vice versa to allow all participants to experience new roles and improve leadership skills.
  • Relationships will strengthen as everyone bands together to learn new skills and complete tasks.
  • Depending on each other to complete a team building activity leads to an increased sense of trust amongst employees.
  • When given a task that is different than standard work duties, participants are able to develop new ideas and use their creativity.

Nextiva understands the importance of team building activities, which is why we frequently incorporate events like the Build-A-Thon and Office Olympics into our culture. Most recently, we held a company-wide flag football game for all members of the Unitedweb team, deemed the first ever Amazing Service Bowl! Split into four co-ed teams of 10, players took on the field at Chaparral Park in Scottsdale, Arizona and played bracketed games until a winning team was determined. After the showdown, employees dined on hot dogs, fruit and chips at a nearby pavilion. The game proved successful for boosting leadership skills, collaboration between members of different departments, building rapport and increasing communication. Check out the highlight reel of the Amazing Service Bowl, here: