A pivoting cube with stickers of white, red, blue, orange, green and yellow, the Rubik’s Cube is considered one of the world’s best-selling toys.  This 3D game features independently turning faces which allow players to mix up the colors; then solve the puzzle by returning each side to a consistent color.  Gaining mainstream popularity in the 1980s, fans found a thrill in the challenge of completing the twisty puzzle in the fastest time possible.

Here at Nextiva, we enjoy challenges and are always looking to add a little fun into our workday.  So when our senior management announced an office-wide Rubik’s Cube contest as part of our 4 year anniversary celebration, we were, of course, on board!  After weeks of practicing our solving skills during our downtime, there was a preliminary contest to see who had the fastest fingers.  Three winners were determined, who would then compete in the ultimate Rubik’s Cube showdown for the grand prize: an Apple iPad 3!  The three finalists were Marketing Director, Mary Miller; Support Representative, Stephanie Janke; and Support Representative Ely Winn.

Nextiva team members filled the employee lounge on June 28th, excited to watch the intense competition.  Check out this video to see who won!

Although we like to let loose and have fun, what Nextiva’s team is best at is providing you with award-winning business VoIP and outstanding Amazing Support™.  To adopt VoIP technology as the communications option for your business, contact Nextiva at 800.983.4289 or fill out a request form here.