Cisco SPA525G IP Phone Review

CIsco SPA525G (Image Source:

One of the first Bluetooth capable VoIP phones on the market

Those with a liking for the Linksys SPA9xx models will appreciate the Cisco SPA525G as both bare physical similarities. However, the SPA525G model offers a few distinct differences. Not only does the SPA525G support both SIP and SPCP but it also utilizes the unique Cisco Discovery Protocol to determine which network is most appropriate. The SPA525G comes equipped with a built in USB 2.0 port that is capable of supporting any USB storage media device and has the ability to play MP3’s via the on board MP3 player. A unique advantage that the SPA525G holds over any other business VoIP phone on the market is its Bluetooth support capability; which allows the phone to be paired effortlessly with any Bluetooth headset product. This phone is ideal for smaller businesses operating on a hosted VoIP platform. And, like most Cisco products, includes a multitude of built-in XML web based applications. Allowing users to pull news and blog feeds and view the information directly on the phones large and bright colored LCD display. It also provides business users with both a personal and corporate telephone directory that supports both LDAP and XML technologies.

Cisco 525G Overview

  • Five-line IP phone support
  • Hi-resolution 3.2 inch QVGA 320 x 240 color screen
  • Power over Ethernet, 802.11g wireless and BlueTooth capable
  • Secure wireless setup
  • Supports various multimedia support, including: MP3, digital photos and RSS feed
  • SIP and SCPC support
  • Caller ID, call forwarding, call transfer, 3-way conference, call history, directories, MP3 ring tones
  • Ability to monitor security cameras and receive live streaming video via MonitorView

If you are interested in purchasing a Cisco SPA525G phone from Nextiva, you can either call 800-983-4289 or visit Nextiva's page dedicated to VoIP phones.