Feature Spotlight: Nextiva Receptionist

Many small and midsize businesses strive to provide “big business” type customer service but don’t have the staff or resources to do so. The Nextiva Receptionist gives you the ability to streamline your incoming calls and gives your company’s first point of contact a complete view of who is on the phone and who is available. Nextiva Receptionist is available as an add-on with either the Office Pro or Office Enterprise level of your Nextiva business VoIP phone service.

When you need Nextiva Receptionist

Also known as the attendant console within the Nextiva NextOS platform, this completely web-based control panel solves problems such as:

  • You’re not sure if a certain employee is at his/her desk and available to take a call.
  • You need to forward an urgent call to a manager’s mobile device who is out of the office.
  • You don’t know who the next available staff member will be to take a call and don’t want to keep the customer holding.

With the Nextiva Receptionist attendant console, you can quickly see who’s available and who’s not. You can access all critical information about the people in a particular department or the whole company with just a click.

And if your business supports multiple shifts and staffing requirements, Nextiva Receptionist makes it easy to create user profiles for each member of your team. No more guessing when to forward or transfer a call, so you’ll be able to provide the best experience for your customers.

Here’s how it works

The Nextiva Receptionist attendant console supports flexible staffing arrangements and can be assigned to specific users at their desks rapidly, with limited disruption for your callers or your employees. With instant messaging, attendants can quickly see staff members’ status to ensure that calls are routed correctly and so they can share urgent company or customer information and instructions.

You can use the Nextiva Receptionist console to:

  • View employees’ and managers’ information: status, name, title, number, extension, department, e-mail, mobile, etc. You can select what information to display and in which order.
  • View call details for anyone in the system (remote name, number, and duration).
  • Simply click to dial or transfer a call to anyone, even if they are away from the office.
    Hosted VoIP Nextiva Receptionist

Learn how you can add Nextiva Receptionist to your business VoIP phone system with Nextiva.