Nextiva’s new NextOS technology platform brings powerful benefits to a variety of industries. From call continuity in the case of a construction disaster, to mobility features to keep doctors on-the-go, to auto attendant to keep realtors in contact with their clients at all times – there is something for everyone.

For legal environments like the Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson in Phoenix, Arizona, NextOS brings useful features such as:

  • Increased availability and responsiveness to stay ahead of the competition
  • The ability to stay productive on-the-go with flexible call options
  • Simple, bundled packages to fit offices of all sizes
  • Call logs that simplify paperwork to quickly capture billable hours
  • Free professional greeting recordings included with Nextiva’s service
  • Hunt groups to allow call distribution from a single phone number to multiple lines

Our most recent Nextiva customer success story examines Josh Davidson’s experience when switching to Nextiva. After using a standard landline connection for many years, he discovered Nextiva’s VoIP and can now utilize features such as simultaneous ring to meet his clients’ needs more efficiently than ever before. With improved call quality and lower monthly bills, he found Nextiva to be the perfect fit for his law office. See his story here:

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