Feature Spotlight: Nextiva Anywhere

Nextiva Anywhere is one of the coolest new features of the new Nextiva business VoIP phone service. It allows you to use one or more locations, and devices, as extensions of your business phone. You can take your calls in the office, on your mobile device or from your soft phone on your PC – even at your home office – anywhere you connect with Nextiva.

When to use Nextiva Anywhere

If you’ve ever had the experience of being on your mobile phone while driving to the office and wishing you could continue the conversation from your desk phone once you arrive, Nextiva Anywhere is the service you need. With a simple entry on your keypad, you swap the call to your desk phone, mid-conversation, and your call continues without transfer or interruption. You don’t even need to put the call on hold. You save time because there is no delay caused by the need to disconnect and place a new call. And you show your caller that you respect their time and connection with your business.

Here’s how it works

You can seamlessly consolidate your devices, fixed and mobile, from different networks under a single Nextiva Office account and operate a single set of services. When you originate a call from a Nextiva Anywhere location, all of your business phone services are available as if you dialed the call from one of your primary locations. What’s more, as your business grows, you can add new devices to your Nextiva Anywhere service at any time.

Each Nextiva Anywhere location can be associated with selective criteria, which determine when each of your business locations should be alerted for incoming calls. The criteria are based on the incoming caller identity and the time of the call, and are combined into your business preferences, for example, incoming calls from this number, within business hours, and during the workweek. Or, you can define multiple criteria for each location.

The Nextiva Anywhere service is easy to configure within your Nextiva toolbar or online portal.

Try Nextiva Anywhere when you sign up for the business VoIP plan that’s right for you.