Fax machine: $100. Paper: $10. Ink: $25. Easy to use? No. traditional faxing is not only expensive, but also inefficient in terms of time and ease of use. However, it seems that many businesses require that one use a fax machine to send and receive documents, but there is another way to fax with out the expensive equipment: online faxing.
Online faxing allows an individual to send electronic documents in a fax form to any number – without the printer, paper and extra costs. In addition, faxes can be sent to an individual’s in the form of an electronic document. Needless papers are not printed, but can be filed and organized on a computer’s hard drive rather than lost in a mess of papers on the desk. Individuals can choose which papers to print, to file, to save or to trash without grimacing over lost paper and ink.
In addition, one does not need to purchase an additional machine to like in the case of traditional faxing or pay for the upkeep of ink and paper. It is also more environmentally friendly because there is less paper wasted. In addition, communication can be streamlined, because one can send and receive multiple faxes simultaneously, rather than resorting to a queue where messages can be lost. That way individuals can be certain their faxes were received.
So use the advancements of different technologies and maximize your online experience by trying online faxing. It will allow better communication, promote green living and save money!