Small business organizations consider hosted VoIP services to be a beneficial alternative to conventional phone service while providing them with many ground breaking advantages. Businesses routinely employing mobile workers or those with multiple office locations are likely to realize even greater returns through the deployment of a hosted VoIP solution. When correctly configured, a host VoIP system will enable mobile workers to remain connected with the business providing a greater competitive advantage and a heightened business edge.
Hosted VoIP systems eliminate the requirements of costly on premise software or bulky PBX equipment, therefore drastically reducing the costs of both implantation and operating. The breadth of the functionalities and technical specifications of the system can effortlessly be incorporated into the existing corporate phone system.
The chosen solutions provider will assume responsibility for maintaining and housing all of the necessary hardware and then virtually distribute the functionalities to the business. So long as mobile employees have access to high speed broadband Internet they will be able to access and utilize the corporate phone system in its entirety, enabling them to effortlessly remain connected. Just like employees working from inside the office location, remote employees are able to listen to voicemail, create calling groups and even view pertinent CRM information through enclosed web interfaces.
Hosted VoIP PBX phone systems provide small businesses with the same extensive and sophisticated features and tools as the conventional PBXs utilized by larger corporations for a fraction of the cost. This allows small businesses to streamline costs while bolstering their customer service capabilities greatly. Some of the most noteworthy features of a hosted VoIP system include automated attendant, Find Me – Follow Me, call routing, hunt groups, enhanced voicemail, virtual fax, conference calling, automated distribution and much much more.
Nextiva rewards all of their small businesses consumers with a free automated attendant. The automated attendant can be thought of as a virtual secretary there to professional greet incoming callers and provide them with a directory of calling options. Callers are then routed to the appropriate party or placed in priority sequence until the call can be handled properly.
The variety of advanced functionalities of a hosted VoIP system will ultimately resolve any communications requirements a smaller business may be faced with. All the while providing them with a cost efficient and reliable alternative to the perils of conventional telephone service.