Technological advancements in voice over IP telephony are causing businesses to abandon their traditional methods of web conferencing in exchange for VoIP services with web conferencing capabilities. While VoIP web conferencing offers many of the same tried and tested features of a conventional platform: (white boards, application features and voice chat) it also offers many new features that go far beyond the traditional scope.

A major player in the decision to migrate to a VoIP based conferencing solution is the accessibility of revolutionary softwares such as Macromedia and Breeze 5, which uses Flash technology to assist in delivering on line training, sale and marketing and other forms of web conferencing, evolving the web conference into a new multi media experience.

VoIP web conferencing success relies in part on the relationship between employees and the importances of connectivity. The ability to connect entire departments, and sometimes separate office locations has proven to be highly advantageous in the corporate world. Not only has VoIP web conferencing been shown to significantly reduce expenditures; in terms of travel fees, materials, and telephony bills, but it has also been proven to considerably improve productivity and lower mental fatigue and anxiety.

With VoIP based web conferencing it is possible to merge employees stationed at different offices across the world, without spending a dime in travel expense. VoIP web conferencing operates through the same Ethernet port as an existing voice over IP platform, which harnesses the Internet as it’s main power source. The only requirements of hosting a VoIP web conference is that participants are stationed at an Internet capable computer, with an active microphone and speakers.

Members are able to participate, in real-time, in the functions of the conference. The host is able to recreate the white board, or share both files and videos with each participant on their desktop.

Since employees are able to maintain connectivity in a real-time environment, they are always informed as to important business news or changes and there is no threat of misinformation, since everyone is simultaneously provided with the same facts and documents.

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