What if businesses never had to pay to send CEO’s and executives between globally dispersed office locations to attend important business conferences or meetings? Or to mail important documents and contracts between head offices and subsidiaries? With voice over IP and promising advances to web conferencing the need for business travel is reduced.

Working in conjunction with voice over IP, VoIP conferencing allows business professionals to work more intelligently. In a VoIP conference environment, participants access a software application that permits them to share information and collaborate with colleagues, in a real-time environment.

The main benefit associated with using a VoIP conferencing platform is the ability to save both time and money. The time spent in the initial meeting planning process is reduced, since there is no need to plan around travel times. Businesses are able to quickly host meetings, virtually, with each participant connected via their personal computer system.

By forgoing the expenses associated with conventional travel, small business professionals are able to reduce time, money and energy. Using a VoIP conferencing tool also allows businesses to reach a global scope of business potentials, while freeing up funds to be allocated to more needed areas of the business.

Voice over IP based web conferencing systems provide the same basic features of a traditional conference on a virtual platform. Participants are able to utilize both audio and video on a voice over IP plan, while still having access to important tools like, whiteboards, slide shows, file sharing and other features allowing participants to interact and access the information presented simultaneously.

Using voice over IP in web conferencing scenarios will greatly increase both productivity and collaboration, since all participants will always be on the same page, and are able to communicate, in real-time, without the threat of lost information or miscommunication.