Most businesses who require their employees to travel frequently for important conferences and business meetings know first hand the effects of rising fuel prices. But many would never know the possibilities of reducing their fuel surcharge drastically by canceling their conventional telephone service, and migrating towards a small business VoIP phone system. Such as a Nextiva hosted phone system.

The correlation between voice over IP and fuel charges may seem like gibberish to even the most educated practitioner, but the formula is simple; frequent business travel between office locations not only consumes large amounts of time, it also results in hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars spent each year on fuel purchases. Advances in voice over IP and IP telephony eliminate the need to attend a conference in person. Therefore, the deployment of a voice over IP communications calling platform results in less money spent per year on fuel charges for interoffice business travel.

VoIP based web conferencing makes available the same standard features of a traditional business conference, while providing several state of the art tools and attributes, in a real-time virtual environment. The fundamental necessities of hosting or attending a VoIP web conference are minimal; so long as attendees are given access to an active Internet network, and have available a computer, a microphone, speakers and in some cases a web camera, they are able to vigorously participate in a web-based business meeting, without having to spend any time traveling between locations.

Utilizing IP telephony to hold a business conference offers many appealing and qualified elements, designed to achieve success – while reducing costs. Participants are given access to whiteboards, file and video sharing, unique presentation tools, and much more in an instantaneous real-time virtual environment. Due to the global availability of the Internet, any person from any geographical position, so long as they are in a location that maintains an active network connection.

Business that are experienced in the operations of VoIP based web conferences can attest to it’s unique capabilities in improving employee efficiency and productivity. Since there is no longer a need to spend any significant amount of time traveling between conference locations, and information and materials can be dispersed effortlessly, employee mental fatigue and stress rates are greatly reduced.

Unique web conference capabilities are just some of the ground breaking features available with a business VoIP solution.