As a result of significant changes in the cost and availability of broadband service, more businesses than ever are choosing to migrate to a voice over IP solution. An IP telephony communications system can save businesses thousands over dollars, if they are educated in choosing a service that most accurately suits their needs.

Here are six requirements to consider when seeking a VoIP service provider:

1. Know your Internet connections capabilities.

The majority of businesses finding fault in the quality of the VoIP service fail to understand that the problem is actually a result of their Internet capabilities, and not actually with their service provider.

It is essential to perform a call quality test to ensure that the active Internet connection speed, and broadband availability, is adequate in supporting voice over IP functions.

2. Examine current telephony costs and determine what services are essential to business operations.

When migrating to a voice over IP solution as a way to save money on telephony charges, consider how much it would cost to ‘lose’ services that may be bundled with the existing service. Nextiva offers more features than the local telephone company, at one low integrated rate.

3. Research the key players in the market.

Nextiva has been a leader in the field for many years. For further information visit

4. Look at the money back guarantee, contract term or equipment policies.

Seriously consider only providers offering a 30 day money back guarantee. Since Nextiva is a reputable and established VoIP service provider, they offer an unconditional 30 day guarantee and will never require business clients to sign a contract or pay a set up fee.

5. If your business currently uses a DSL, understand that you may not be able to cancel your current phone service.

The majority of phone companies will offer a ‘metered’ service that operate on a charge per call basis. When using voice over IP no calls are made over the conventional telephone line and it will only be utilized to run the DSL. It is imperative to request a metered service if after migrating to VoIP you are unable to cancel active phone service.

6. Make certain that the VoIP provider you are considering offers number portability.

If you’re company has been in business for a while and you’ve promoted your phone number, it is very important to make sure that your number can be ported. For businesses that require the ability keep their existing phone number Nextiva offers number portability and a smooth migration to the new VoIP service.