With the rapid advancement of technology, one may overlook the financial benefits that come with these leaps and bounds. Online faxing is a perfect example of how the internet can save money and streamline communication by improving an old technology.

Traditional faxing was a hassle. It required an expensive, ugly machine that made that awful dialing sound whenever faxes were sent or received. It was a consistent waste of paper with cover sheets and confirmation pages. Traditional faxing was also unreliable – one was never quite sure if it actually sent or who even picked it up at the other end. Then there was the toner/ink problem. One was always running out and investing in expensive cartridges just to print out those silly excess pages. Papers got lost, documents may not have sent in a high-quality format, the list of problems goes on.
However, with online faxing, all these problems are addressed. First and foremost, online faxing utilizes high speed internet to increase reliability. In addition, online faxing can be seamlessly integrated with traditional faxing methods to streamline communication. Important documents can be received, sorted and saved for future use, without the worry of loss or decreased quality. This is particularly helpful for documents such as resumes or birth certificates, which are frequently faxed. Now an individual does not have to make a copy of it to fax. Instead, a scanned copy can be saved and sent with one click.

With the benefits of online faxing, it does not make sense to not take advantage of these money-saving, green technology.