Hard-WorkOne of the most common statements that I hear over and over again from struggling entrepreneurs and business owners (and even from friends and family in my personal life!) is that they have given it 100%. This statement is usually an attempt of sorts to make a person feel better about throwing in the towel regarding a particular business endeavor or giving up on a challenging situation when the outcome does not work out in the way that they had anticipated.

But, in virtually every situation when those words are uttered, 100% effort was not put forth. In fact, I’d even go as far as to say that 50% effort wasn’t even given. Those words are just a smoke screen to help provide a false sense of comfort to excuse the person saying them from trying or continuing on.

You will hear others tout that they have given it 100% in all kinds of situations and not just in business. This phrase gets uttered whenever someone is looking for an excuse to give up when the going gets tough. It doesn’t matter what the goal is- in every kind of situation from completing a strict new workout regime to working through failing marriage, or even solving a difficult business issue, most often, the reality is that the individual had put forward some kind of effort, but nowhere near 100% effort. 

Ask yourself when you are dealing with a challenging situation: have you really given it 100%? Have you really thought through, worked through and tried to implement every possible solution imaginable? Have you really tried to connect and seek the help of every single person that you know through your personal, professional and even social media networks? If your business is failing, have you truly exploited every possible avenue in terms of marketing, teaming up with other related businesses or competitors, following up with potential and current customers, reducing waste, boosting efficiency and improving customer service? Now, I’m not a betting woman, but I’m willing to bet that the answer is “no”, which means that you didn’t really give it 100%.

So, when you are trying to reach a difficult goal or are faced with a challenging situation in business (or even in your personal life), really give it 100%. Think through and then act on every possible scenario and solution until you meet that goal or fix that issue. I always find that it helps to write out a list of all possible solutions.  And then, I break those solutions down into smaller steps and goals that are easier to reach.  It makes everything seem less overwhelming and sometimes, leads to a solution that you hadn’t even thought about before. It can be easy to get discouraged, but don’t give up because something is harder than you had anticipated. Really push yourself, because that extra effort that you put in will make all of the difference between failure and success.

Do you have any advice or anecdotes about giving it 100% effort in business or otherwise?  Please share it below.