Nextiva VoIP As A Gizmo5 Alternative

As of April 3, 2011, Google recently discontinued delivering service for a company they recently acquired, Consumers have been left without service and Nextiva is a terrific alternative.

Google bought Gizmo5, an online VoIP company, in 2009. Previous to April 3, consumers used Gizmo5 to route calls to and from their Google Voice number, combining the several facets of Sip to streamline communication. The ability to assign a number and the options for free calling meant an explosion of popularity for this particular VoIP option.

However, with the discontinuation of Gizmo5, combining one's Google Voice account with the existing PBX is more difficult. However, there are additional SIP options, including Nextiva. Consumers want an easy, user-friendly, reliable and affordable SIP option and Nextiva offers this.

Nextiva offers an array of services more specifically oriented toward business communications, including VoIP phone systems, online fax services, business phone numbers, and PBX SIP trunking.

Using the internet as the foundation of business communication cuts down on cost and also allows users to integrate the spectrum of communication options. Users can text, fax and call online. Phone calls can be routed and forwarded automatically to the preferred destination. Video conferencing and instant messaging can be done over computers, phones, smart phones, etc. Businesses can create voicemail protocols, take advantage of number portability and virtual directories, integrate on-hold music and even create customized greetings for callers.

Nextiva offers a range of packages at all different price levels, whether its for the individual or a large enterprise. And of course, there options can be integrated with internet applications, which makes Nextiva a great option for Gizmo5 users.