Business VoIP is about more than just the affordable access to highly developed tools and features. It is about bringing customers and businesses together. The foundation of voice over IP was built around improving customer service capabilities, while providing consumers will proficient access to customer support professionals on a multitude of platforms.

With the assistance of VoIP, even the smallest business is able to provide it’s current and potential client base with rapid and uncomplicated access to on-going communications. For example, businesses that maintain a company website have the capacity to integrate dynamically scripted hyperlinks and tags. Making it possible for consumers to initiate contact, with a variety of departments or support personnel, with the simple click of a button. This method of IP telephony use in websites includes all forms of voice over IP communications, not just simple phone calls. Consumers are actively able to view which associates are currently available to talk and by what means.

This means that if a customer service associate is available for instant messaging, email or fax chat, or video conference but is not currently accepting phone calls then the consumer will be able to click on the communication method preferred and instantly start a conversation.

Businesses looking to further utilize IP telephony to increase their customer service capabilities can do so by deploying a VoIP based toll-free calling number. Providing consumers nationwide with a free and efficient method of speaking to a representative. Not only does a toll-free calling number show consumers that business care about their patronage, it also provides a steadfast and trustworthy image. Toll-free extension and routing capabilities allow for 24 hour customer support lines, that can be maintained and operated by multiple offices from any geographical location. In fact, it is even possible to forgo the call centre entirely, and have calls to the toll-free number routed to the mobile or IP phones of telecommuters working from home.

VoIP is a noteworthy tool for improving client-business interaction, and offers a substantial boosts to the small businesses ability to provide cutting edge customer support and service.