Through the use of the Internet as a mode of both verbal and written communication small businesses are able to effectively break free from the cost restrictive barriers of wired communication and experience many great benefits and reward previously only accessible to larger enterprises. Unlike conventional telephony, migrating to a complete business VoIP system requires little start-up capital and can be attained with minimal equipment.

While VoIP has the potential to greatly benefit smaller businesses, business owners are cautioned to carefully outline what they wish to obtain from VoIP migration prior to the commencement of a full implementation.

Some of the avenues that should be explored include:

1. When does the business hope to switch to a VoIP based communication system?
2. What are the most significant calling charges under the current PTSN system?
3. Does the business make a large amount of long distance or International calling?

Many of the benefits of VoIP technology can be experienced with little more equipment than a computer or ATA adapter. To truly experience the marvels of VoIP, however, it is recommended that a business invest in specialized VoIP routers to fully achieve a seamless integration. VoIP routers are a perfectly acceptable tool for VoIP use in smaller organizations, larger enterprises on the other hand may require more specialized infrastructure.

There are several outfits in the market that offer and provide VoIP services, and no two VoIP services are exactly alike; residential VoIP will not provide small businesses with the same features, benefits and Quality of Service as a VoIP service that is more geared towards the small business market – for that reason it is best to only explore service offerings from vendors specializing only in small business VoIP as they are likely to be the most knowledgeable.

Although simplistic in its operations, managing an entire VoIP solution can be complex and often tedious and therefore smaller organizations and those with limited in house IT personnel find the greatest returns in selecting a hosted VoIP solution offered by many small business VoIP solutions providers. This not only saves the business money in the long run, but it also allows them to free up existing resources and focus on more pertinent day-to-day aspects of the business.