Simply by deploying a hosted VoIP PBX system smaller businesses are taking the necessary steps to ensure that each of their branch office and geographically dispersed employees not only remain connected, but also that they maintain consistent access to revolutionary telecommunications tools. A hosted VoIP telephone system has been noted to provide countless advantageous benefits to smaller enterprises the world over; even more so to those with multiple locations or routinely hiring remote workers.

The facilitation of the correct hosted VoIP system enables businesses to connect each of their office locations and employees through a solitary phone number. Unlike conventional PBXs, a hosted VoIP PBX does not require costly maintenance nor does it consume a large portion of a complex network. The majority of the functionalities and technical requirements of the system can easily be integrated into the company’s existing communications system. Ideally, in order to maintain connectivity with the main phone system, the only technical requirement of mobile workers in an active Broadband Internet connection.

Hosted VoIP PBXs are rapidly gaining ground in small business deployment thanks to their ability to facilitate seamless business telecommunications in conjunction with the many ground-breaking business essential features such as, automated attendants, Find Me – Follow Me, enhanced voicemail and even virtual faxing capabilities. High quality customer service quickly becomes second nature to businesses deploying a hosted VoIP solution as incoming calls to a single business number can be automatically routed to any branch or employee anywhere.

The enhanced voicemail feature enables voicemails to be forwarded as email attachments and even text messages so that they can be efficiently catalogued or retrieved at any time. Aside from virtual extensions and enhanced voicemail functionalities, most small business hosted VoIP systems are web ready meaning that they easily interface with many web applications.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of any hosted VoIP feature is its ability to be utilized by any small business professional without the need for expensive infrastructure or costly support staff. The majority of the necessary VoIP equipment will be maintained in an off-site location by the hosted business phone provider.