With more and more businesses relying on VoIP systems for enterprise telephony, the next logical step is to integrate a virtual PBX.

Virtual PBX provides many valuable features. With Virtual PBX entrepreneurs and small business professionals maintain the ability to harness one primary telephone number. Utilizing the Follow Me/Find Me feature businesses are able to set a call pattern schedule. Virtual PBX ensures that there are no more busy signals or missed calls, calls made to the primary number will be routed to additional phones until the call is answered.

The next ground breaking feature of a Virtual PBX system is the Voice Mail to E-mail function. A Virtual PBX acts as a virtual assistant, providing the user with the ability to listen to voicemails over the phone or from a personal computer.  Voicemails can be retrieved by the traditional method of checking them via a phone system, or users on the go have the advanced functionality of being notified of voicemails from any computer system where e-mail is accessible.  E-mailed voicemail notifications are transmitted to a digital audio file, making it easy for them to be received, reviewed and catalogued efficiently.

Virtual PBX provides subscribers with the ability to modify, configure, and utilize the system for most businesses purposes. Not only does Virtual PBX offer comprehensive call logging and remote call tracking, but it also employs automatic call distribution sending callers to any predetermined person or department.

With Virtual PBX there is no need to purchase expensive special equipment since calls can be routed to any existing cell phone, IP phone or handset already in use.  The enhanced call forwarding and Follow Me/ Find Me features allow calls to be forwarded to users in the office, on the road or in a satellite or remote office location.

Entrepreneurs and small business professional seeking to enhance productivity, save time and money can put confidence in the fact that a Virtual PBX can enable them to do just that.