Fring For The iPhone

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Thanks to Fring iPhone users can take advantage of video, mobile voice and live chat at absolutely no cost. Fring is a downloadable application that enables users to harness their cellular phone’s active IP connection, or VoIP connection, to communicate via many mediums including Skype, MSN, GoogleTalk and even Twitter.

As a peer-to-peer technology Fring enables complete VoIP communication since it leverages a pure data connection instead of requiring airtime charges like most mobile applications.

Fring provides many great benefits and features such as a fring contact list wherein users can see the current status, phone number information, call history and one-touch dialing options for parties on their address list.

Additional features of Fring include:

• Free calls to all IM contacts
• Live chat instead of the traditional text message
• SIP calling capability
• Active directories
• Call history
• Video communication (2 way video communication between parties from any mobile phone or carrier)
• File sharing
• Auto-roaming
• Up-to-the-minute social updates (always be informed when colleagues or friends update their online social network status, call information etc)

Fring is compatible with most SIP providers and third-party applications.