We know that our business VoIP customers are growing and need enhanced features to effectively support their businesses, but we understand that sometimes all of the options can be overwhelming. When faced with different add-ons and choices such as Call Me Now, Shared Line Appearance, Busy Lamp Field, and more, you may find yourself asking – WHAT are all of these features, and HOW do they work? Our goal is to enlighten you on the set-up and benefits of some of these features to make the decision process a bit easier. Today, we’re going to focus on a handy little distribution tool called Hunt Groups.

The goal of setting up hunt groups is so that a call to a single phone number can be distributed to an extension or multiple phone lines. The tool allows a caller to automatically find an available agent from amongst a group of extensions. The most common use for this tool is in a business with multiple departments. For example, the caller can “Press 3 for billing” and their line would connect to the extensions of the accounting department.

There are then two ways to coordinate the way phones to ring (or “hunt”) within the group. When a call is presented to the department, it can ring each individual line in a designated order until a “free” extension is answered. Or, it could ring all of the extensions at once until one of the phone lines is answered.

Setting up a hunt group on your Nextiva NextOS Dashboard is quick and easy. We’ve recorded a how-to video that we’d like to share with you that walks you through the set-up steps.

For more instructional videos from our Support Center or to learn how Nextiva’s business VoIP can benefit your business, visit www.nextiva.com or call 800-983-4289.