Last month, we shared with you some different ways that mobility is helping SMBs compete with enterprises. VoIP technology is allowing smaller organizations to experience remote access to customers and clients, increases in employee productivity and cost savings.

Nextiva increases the ability for you to stay mobile on-the-go through a handy feature called Nextiva Anywhere. This tool allows you to forward calls to your mobile device or home phone, then toggle back and forth between any of the devices. Find yourself on an important call at the end of the day but are in a rush to get home and see your family? No problem – seamlessly transfer the active call from desk phone to cell phone with the press of a button and you can finish your conversation on your drive home.

With Nextiva Anywhere, you also have the ability to dial out from a mobile device and have the caller ID on the recipient’s end represent that the call is coming from your desk phone. This lets you maintain the professionalism of being “in the office” even if you are traveling or working from home.

Nextiva Anywhere is available with Nextiva Office Enterprise and can be easily set up and managed through a user’s NextOS Portal.  Check out our “Tip in a Minute” video and let our VoIP Specialist, Mathew, explain the Nextiva Anywhere setup in 3 simple steps: