VoIP has done for business what Mozart did for music. Encompassing all areas of corporate communications, IP telephony, provides businesses with affordable and reliable access to the most advanced transmission technologies on the market.

The first-class email and messaging capabilities of VoIP are tremendous. In fact, businesses are discarding their pre dated fax machines in record numbers. So fast that the local waste pickup companies are considering deploying separate trucks to be used solely for unwanted fax machines. Okay, that may be not be a bona fide fact, but what is true is the advantages associated with migrating to a Internet faxing solution from Nextiva.

Businesses operating on a voice over IP communications platform now have the choice to send and receive faxes the same way they would an email. Using a highly innovative software application, it is possible to turn any standard computer (or data activated mobile phone) into a fully functioning fax machine. What does this mean for business? It means that fax messaging can be accessed anywhere at anytime – without the restrictions that come with having to operate and maintain a conventional fax machine.

Previously, sending a fax was a tedious and over complicated task. Fax machines needed to be filled with special ink cartridges, paper trays loaded, and a dedicated telephone line was needed to ensure there were no signal interruptions. Even after all of the prep work was carefully carried out, there was still an impending chance of paper jams, or dreaded ink blots. If by some stroke of genius, the fax machine was working and error free, there still needed to be a person in relevant proximity to the fax machine in order to receive the message.

Now it is possible to forgo the pitfalls of conventional faxing, and send a fax from virtually any location; the office, the gym, the beach – anywhere. Nextiva vFax subscribers even have the option of having their faxes sent as attachments to their emails, or being notified via voicemail as soon as a new fax arrives. Imagine never having to hang around the office waiting for a fax to come through again?

Nextiva offers a virtual faxing solution for everyone; and a 500 page, 30 days risk-free trial (with the purchase of NextivaFAX) for those who like to try – before they buy.